Aaron Doering – A Well Acclaimed Educationist and Learning Technologist

Aaron Doering is a renowned learning technologist who earned a doctorate in Instructional Systems and Technology (IST) from the University of Minnesota. After completing his education, Aaron started teaching at the same prestigious institute as a professor. Currently, he is also serving as the director of LTMB (Learning Technologies Media Lab) as well.

Before attaining a PhD in (IST), Aaron Doering completed his Masters in Geography that demonstrated his keen interest in the subject. Aaron’s curiosity to explore and learn geography did not stop at the attainment of his formal degree. As a matter of fact, by making the most out of his academic knowledge regarding this subject he commenced a fascinating project that is known as EarthXplorers.

What is EarthXplorers?

You cannot deny that the world is turning into a global village. As each day passes every country and region becomes dependent on each other because of a wide range of facets. Aaron Doering became conscious about this fact which led to him coming up with the idea of EarthXplorers. This platform is absolutely wonderful for you if you and your children are eager to learn about geography.

These days, the world is encountering manifold challenges that need comprehensive understanding of diverse graphic concepts. Some of these issues that have a global impact include food security, access to fresh water, climate change, deforestation, political unrest, utilization of urban and rural land, and migration. You can never really comprehend the severity of these problems without having an adequate amount of geographic knowledge of the regions where these problems are prevailing, let alone offering practical solutions to these challenges.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you will need new models and tools in order to understand geography in the most effective way. The reason behind this is that to learn or teach geography you must have a diverse set of skills, technological training and spatial understanding. With EarthXplorers, Aaron Doering aims for an all-inclusive virtual learning environment that can fulfill all of your children’s demands pertinent to geography.

Developed by Aaron Doering, EarthXplorers is basically an advanced virtual learning environment. It is created by Learning Technologies Media Lab with the collaboration of National Trust for Historic Preservation. If your child is either in middle or high school, then he/she can capitalize on this phenomenal learning opportunity. With EarthXplorers, Your children can get acquainted with world’s geography from different aspects, including storytelling, spatial visualization, analysis, data collection as well as manifold activities that are carried out in the field.

Aaron Doering and his team of learning technologists have made sure that both teachers and learners can equally get benefited from this innovative platform. In case you are a teacher, you can get access to the online management area. While on the other hand, students can submit their projects at the learning area. Moreover, when your children start learning through this interactive learning environment their knowledge and skills can be assessed by teachers with the help of different mediums and modules, such as field notes, maps, mediums and photos.